The “locanda al Lago” inn is located at the beginning of Val Tramontina, on the banks of the artificial Redona lake (also known as Lake of the 3 Tramonti).

It is a great area to practice various sports’ activities, from a relaxing walk along the lake’s bank to a mountain bike ride; from jogging to mountain running up to more strenuous activities such as mountain walks with guided tours to various shelters or paragliding/hang gliding activities in Meduno’s Valinis mountain (less then 5 km from Redona) which attract people from all over Europe.

Nature lovers can organize nature outings to discover Dafne Blagaina, a flower which in Italy can only be found in Val Tramontina. Otherwise, you can dedicate yourself to fishing trout in the nearby lakes. Trout trophies weighting up to 9 kg can be admired in the inn.

Locanda al Lago di Crozzoli Michele - Via Redona 2 Tramonti di Sopra (PN)